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> Hey! IRC is dying because everyone is moving to Discord and other IM platforms. What should we do?

> Let's cause some drama on one of the biggest IRC servers so that people has the more reason to leave.
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What do you call a zen meditation session held on twitch 

A stream of consciousness

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Pokémon Minecraft is actually hella fun
Might spin up a server

Got the approval to wear a trans tie instead so slight win.

I’m supposed to be in my brothers wedding party but they want us to all wear matching suits and I’m frustrated beyond belief.
Currently Djing hardcore in my room to cope.

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The application 'kde5' has requested access to "kde-wallet"
Please enter an administrator password:

just slept most of the day and caught up on like all my sleep :3

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pop punk is “get out of my room mom”core

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Microsoft's early history is defined by deliberately sabotaging their own software in such a way so as to make it look like their competitors's software was at fault for any incompatibilities. They built their global success not on building superior products, but on deliberately building inferior ones and just pushing their competitors out of the arena entirely.

Capitalism does not inherently ensure quality products, quite the opposite is usually true.

your lie in April got me crying so much😭 finally finished it

passed all my cleaning inspections :3

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Apple acts on behalf of its customers when that means acting on its own behalf. Apple - like the other warlords - cares ultimately about its shareholders, and if its shareholders' interests diverge from its customers, the shareholders will always win.

That's true of every tech firm, but only Apple has built an "ecosystem" - a great walled fortress that keeps the bandits out when Apple wants to, but once Apple lets them in, it keeps Apple's customers from escaping.


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Introducing the first ever @kde + LMMS #PlasmaMobile Sound Competition 🎶! Get your sounds on to Plasma Mobile, win KDE goodies and have your music 🎸 promoted to tens of thousands of users!

Check out the rules at

Submit your sounds to:


Greetings from your friendly neighborhood maid 🧹

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